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Working With The Community To Produce… Graffiti?

Learning Links recently started up a new project where we sell great value, pre-loved furniture for your home and help people improve their life chances. We do this by creating ongoing training and employment opportunities for unemployed people and those at risk of homelessness, and by offering heavily discounted items for individuals on benefits.

Moving into our new premises on Kingston Road, our property was soon victim to a heavy amount of graffiti on the side wall. We had also just purchased our new signage, which was typically 80% white space. However, instead of plastering over the graffiti with our new signage, we thought we would at least try a different approach.

With a bit of digging, a couple of ominous phone calls, and a helpful few hands we are really pleased to announce how we’ve worked WITH the community to produce this great piece of art on our new premise. Working with a locally known graffiti artist, we wanted to demonstrate that we REALLY are for the community, we’re REALLY here to help, and we REALLY do put the community first.

We hope that this is demonstrative of the relationship between us and the community for the future, it has been a very exciting project to be a part of, and we won’t have to worry about replacing signage every 2 weeks! This particular piece is on 55 Kingston Road if you want to pop in. It will be changed every few months by the artist, and we look forward to sharing the future results too! It’s easy for any company to say they are for the community, but sometimes you’ve got to show you mean it and that you’re there for them for #REAL.