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Upcoming Facebook LIVE and Twitter CHAT events!

Healthwatch Portsmouth and Learning Links are hosting two exciting events next week – Facebook Live and Twitter Chat! This will be an exciting opportunity to connect with our followers on a more personal level. We have organised a Twitter chat event for 14th November at 15:30 where we will be asking our audience members questions about person-centred care plans, and how much choice and control people have over them, and if they are on a care plan themselves does it help them achieve what really matters to them? It will interesting to see the results and the different views and experiences people in the Portsmouth area have had. On the 16th November at 15:30 we are hosting a Facebook live video to talk about the same subject. There will be a member of Healthwatch Portsmouth ready to answer any questions/queries you may have during the live broadcast, so please spread the word to as many people as possible, and hopefully get the ball rolling with our research which will benefit local members of the community.

If you are interested to know what services there are for people in the Portsmouth area please check out the Healthwatch Portsmouth directory by clicking here.