> > Thank You For The Donated Flowers – What Does The Hub Do?

Thank You For The Donated Flowers – What Does The Hub Do?

A BIG thank you to B&Q who have kindly donated a beautiful range of plants for our Learning Hub in Portsmouth. Our customers and volunteers have been busy gardening and making our small outside space a place to enjoy over the sunny summer months.

Thank you to our volunteer Sam for helping us arrange them and making them look even more beautiful. Below is a little more information on what the hub does.

‘We run the Solent Community Project, it is aimed at those individuals with Mental Health conditions, whether on benefits or not.  We work with the individual to progress them into some form of Learning, training, education, voluntary work, placements or paid employment.  They can gain access to CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau), Portsmouth WellbeingNational Careers Service and Self Employment help.  The good thing about the Solent Community Project is that it is the individual who decides what direction they want to go in, and we have customers that come in that are not ready to look for work but are interested in doing something sociable, so we have sourced sociable activities for them to try. Some have had free IT training, there are those that wish to do volunteering so we have helped them to source this type of activity.

We do work with a lot of homeless people and individuals can come in to our premises to just have a cup of tea with us, or just use the free internet and telephone.  This enables them to speak to others that have been here for a while and build up relationships with them and us.

We have National Careers Service that run out of the Hub,  Anybody can have access to NCS,  It is useful for individuals who are looking to progress in their lives.  We can look at education, Learning, CVs, Skills, Self- Employment etc, the whole spectrum against finding employment.

We have Portsmouth Wellbeing that come in for appointments, where customers can discuss their Health and Well Being from Drinking to Diabetes.

If anybody does not want to be on any of the projects we offer, they can still,  just come in and use our facilities for free.

Customers are not excluded from any part of any of the separate projects that we run. 

We do have next door, the Furnish shop, which sells preloved furniture (upcycled and refreshed).  If customers are on benefits they can get 50% off (all we ask is for customers to provide proof of benefits before purchase).  We work closely with the shop (Furnish Project) placing people into volunteering and short term placements to enable them to work towards short accredited qualifications.  Working in the shop or warehouse, to gain some valuable work and social skills. If you are interested in looking at the products we currently have at our Furnish shop please click here.

Look forward to hearing from you.’

While you are here why not have a look at our official Facebook page by clicking here OR have a look our at Furnish Facebook page.