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Positive Feedback From Learning Links Customers

Learning Links supports many local individuals within the Portsmouth and Isle Of Wight areas in a variety of different ways, such as helping them find employment by supporting them with CV building, interview skills, job searching etc (based in both Portsmouth and IOW) helping Families connect in a more peaceful attempt with our Non-Violent Resistance course (NVR), health related signposting and helping over 50’s find work on the Island. This is just a small fraction of what Learning Links has to offer, so it is always a pleasure when we receive positive feedback from the local people we support.

Some recent feedback from a recently employed staff member who has been working on our NVR based course made us smile:

‘From my experience so far I can see how NVR can be applied to different areas of life – its approach is transferable to lots of other settings.’

We also received some amazing feedback from the /Learn aspect of our charity from two different customers:

‘I feel very happy. Brad has made me feel brilliant, and there is hope for to go and do better things. I was very happy with Brad as it helps if you have an understanding person.’

‘Helped me fully understand how to create a CV and manage my career online.’

We would like to thank our customers for their wonderful support, and we feel so happy that our support is helping you to make a positive difference in your life. If you are a Learning Links customer, or have been one in the past, and would like to feature on our website please send us a message on our official Facebook page and we would be more than happy to feature your story, either with your name shown or as anonymous.