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Our house is no longer a war zone

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“My family was falling apart. I had asked for help several times and had tried the Triple P course as recommended. This hadn’t worked and if anything, made things worse, so I was still unsure of what to do. My mental health was suffering and my relationship with my partner was suffering and we actually separated for a while.  Harry’s behaviour was getting out of control and this resulted in social services becoming involved through school. After an initial assessment, we were referred to Learning Links for family support.

Louise continues, “I attended the 10 week workshop course in non-violent resistance. My partner Jay came to a couple of these only and I attended the rest on my own. I initially did not think the course would help but I stuck with it. Eventually after using the techniques and explaining to Jay how it worked Harry’s behaviour started to improve.”

Thanks to Learning Links, I am no longer a mess! Relationships within my family have improved with everyone. And especially between Harry and his dad. The house is no longer the war zone it used to be, with constant screaming and shouting.

We used to be very wary of triggering Harry’s behaviour but now no longer feel like we are treading on eggshells.

We no longer have to keep Harry and Jay separate. Now when Harry passes his dad instead of hitting him, he tells him he loves him or gives him a kiss. They do a lot more things together now, like fishing or walking the dogs.

I am a lot more confident to deal with issues at school. I no longer feel helpless and judged as a ‘bad parent’ because of my son’s behaviour. I now feel proud of my son instead of embarrassed.  This has come about from understanding Harry more, about his needs and what really upsets him.

I feel really sorry for families that can’t access this kind of help and support that can give families the tools and techniques to deal with their challenging child as well as give them confidence and knowledge that they are not alone.”

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