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Oh yes they are! Learning Links/Families Heading To The Panto

Oh yes they are! Learning Links/Families are heading to the Kings Theatre next week for a showing of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ with six of their PMF (Parents Moving Forward) families. The event was organised by the Families team here in Portsmouth and is a chance for the families to connect once more while seeing a magical classic on stage, just in time for the Christmas period! The Kings Theatre is known for its spectacular performances so we are thrilled to be able to take some of our parents to see Jack and the Beanstalk. Expect a lot of unexpected laughs, surprises and ‘he’s behind you’ moments as this year we are in for a treat. Both our staff and our families are going to be letting their hair down for this special performance so keep checking back on our website for photos of this event. We are so excited that we are struggling to keep it in… eeeek!

Learning Links/Families are a welcoming team here in the Portsmouth office dedicated to making a positive difference to the lives of local families that are experiencing violent/aggressive behaviour from their children. We teach and showcase NVR (Non Violent Resistance) techniques in the hope of improving communication, and general well-being between families, and it has had a positive effect to families we have worked with so far. One of our parents (who will remain anonymous) has the following to say about our workshops: ‘Before school called you (Learning Links/Families) I was on my own, friends helped but they didn’t know what to do either. You gave me help and support when I needed it and helped guide things be different. You listened to me ramble on all the time and never said that you were too busy or needed to do stuff, you just let me talk cause I needed it.’

Debbie, who is a family support worker for Learning Links/Families, and is our newest member of the team had the following to say when she first joined the team: ‘I am really enjoying the NVR course. It is great learning new skills from my colleagues as well and sharing and developing the skills and knowledge I already have. Furthermore, I am enjoying being a part of the journey with the parents. From my experience so far I can see how NVR can be applied to different areas of life – its approach is transferable to lots of other settings’

For more information on Learning Links/Families and whether it can help you follow the below link: