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Learning Links/Families Has Changed Everything For Us

Louise didn’t know what to expect when she first heard about yet another parenting course, but it has changed her life for the better:

‘I first heard of Learning Links after being referred to Learning Links/Families to attend an NVR (Non Violent Resistance)  parenting course. We really needed help managing our sons behaviour and at this point we were willing to try anything. NVR has changed everything for us. It helped me see what my son was going through and it gave us new ways of dealing with the problems we faced at home and in every day life. It’s turned our home from a war zone to a “normal” family home. We enjoy our family time together now, something I thought would never happen.’

Louise is now a paid employee of Learning Links/Families and is helping families in similar situations to her own, and she couldn’t be happier. We asked her what she would like to share with other parents taking part in the course:

‘Stick with it and give it your all! It’s not an easy ride and it’s not a quick fix but if you put everything in place you will see changes. There will be times when you think it’s not helping and we’re crazy people for some of the things we ask you to do- but it works! At the beginning of this journey I thought NVR was just another parenting course and that it wouldn’t help, I was so wrong. It’s now a way of life for us and I have a job doing something I really believe in helping other families that are in a similar situation to what mine was in.’

Our NVR based course has helped many parents in a similar situation to Louise, and we hope it will continue to inspire more people to reach out and get the support they deserve.

If you are experiencing child to parent violence, you don’t have to face it alone. We have supported hundreds of parents, carers and children through our workshops.  In 78% of cases, there is a reduction in violent and aggressive incidences as well as improved life chances for children, reduced stress levels and improved relationships at home. We support parents with children aged 5 to 18 years.

This series of workshops is called ‘Parents Moving Forward’.

If you feel Learning Links/Families can help you with our Parents Moving Forward course please do get in touch, because as Louise says: ‘NVR has changed everything for us’. We are not just another parenting course. You are not alone. Get in contact with us and let’s start this beautiful journey together.