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How Learning Links/Learn Works

We have discussed what both Furnish and Families do individually as a part of Learning Links but now it is time to discuss the amazing work we do with Learn.

With Learn we have both the Work Programme and the National Careers Service. Some of you reading this may have been on the Work Programme before and had appointments with the National Careers Service (if so please contact our Facebook page and tell us about your experiences and we may include your story on our website as a case study). Our customers from the Work Programme are referred to us by the JobCentre and are on the Programme for two years where they will experience one-to-one appointments with a trained advisor who will work with the individual to help boost and discover their strengths. The advisor will meet with them frequently (will be discussed in more detail during appointments) and our goal is to help the customer re-discover their positives and help them find a job they can not only do, but will enjoy doing. We are passionate in helping our customers reach their greatest potential and getting to know our customers likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses and is key to us helping them find the right opportunities.

With the National Careers Service we can help you build your C.V, support you with your covering letter and provide you with expert advice on preparing for that dream job and acing your interview and everything leading up to it and beyond. To book an appointment with a careers advisor please get in touch, but please bear in mind there are several requirements:

Our National Careers Service is here for you if you are:

  • A school leaver, in college or university
  • Unemployed
  • Looking for change in career

We can help you:

  • Choose a career
  • Change careers
  • Get back to work

Training: we can help you work out which skills you need

  • Learn more to earn more: progress in your current job
  • Choose training and courses that are right for you
  • Find out about funding to support your learning
  • Improve your reading, writing or maths skills

Get that job: we give you the support you need to succeed

  • Developing your CV
  • Improving your interview and presentation skills
  • Learning about the local employment market

Image by Nick Youngson