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How Learning Links/Furnish Works

Learning Links/Furnish has been open for a couple of months now and we would like to explain to our customers how this new section of our business works.

Learning Links is split into four sections, and they are: Health, Learn, Families, and Furnish. We will be discussing the other projects with you in greater detail at a later date but for now we are focusing on Furnish.

Furnish is simply put, selling domestic furniture to members of the public at affordable prices. We are located in Kingston Road which is a busy area with constant traffic and passing pedestrians. We also like to help the community where and when we can including with the Santa’s Grotto which you can read about here. We also like to keep the community interested with a frequently updated graffiti wall designed by an extremely talented artist. You can read more about the graffiti wall here. Throughout 2017 we will also be hosting more events and participating in more projects to help bring the community together, we have some exciting things planned already so stay tuned.

So as you can tell, collecting and selling Furniture is only one part of what Furnish does. We also like to upskill, and provide experience for homeless people (and those at risk of) and members of the public to come in and refurbish some of our products ready for sale. We believe everyone deserves an amazing opportunity to move forward to show what they can do, as we all have skills, it’s just about tuning into the right frequency and finding them. We love helping people discover their skills, and this is something we are passionate about at Learning Links.

To keep doing the amazing work we do we need furniture donations so if you would like to contribute please contact us on: 02392 296460 and check out our shop if you would like to purchase any of our products.