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Learning Links/Furnish Here For The Community

Learning Links/Furnish received a visit from a lady who had been referred to us by PCC advising that we may be able to help in her predicament. After speaking with this lady and reviewing the situation we decided it would be a good idea for us to support her as an act of good will as helping the community is what we genuinely love to do. Admittedly we saw this as a quick job that would allow us to transfer items from one place to another quicker than we could say ‘Furnish’ but after arriving on site we realised this may take us a little longer than expected, however this was not going to stop our team from contributing something positive to a member of the community. We were determined to complete this task effectively and efficiently and it really did pay off.

We wanted to do this as an act of goodwill with just a £10 donation so although it took us almost the whole day to complete it allowed our team to work together and show this customer exactly what it is we do and what we are about. We were not expecting anything in return but this lady decided to come into our Kingston road shop and provide our team with cards, flowers and chocolate bundles which was much more than we were expecting. This put a huge smile on our face as it shows the positive impact we are making in the community and we hope to continue doing the same again and again. We have only been around for about six months and the positive feedback we have already received is astounding, thank you to everybody that’s involved in making Furnish what it is!

On another note, if you are in receipt of any benefit ie JSA, ESA etc please click here and you will receive 50% off any product in store (all you need to do is prove you are on benefits).

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