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Learning Links/Families Positive Feedback

Learning Links is a charity operating within the Portsmouth and Isle Of Wight areas. We support individuals in a wide variety of different areas such as: supporting them back into employment by helping them create/improve their CV, helping them with their cover letter, increase confidence etc and one of our projects, Learning Links/Families supports local individuals by providing a parent workshop to help decrease violent or aggressive behaviour shown in the child. We do this by teaching the NVR (non violent resistance) technique. This technique has helped many families thrive and connect with each other in a more peaceful setting. A parent from previous NVR workshop have had the following to say:

What help or support have you received from Learning Links (service name prompt if needed)?

I went to the No Violence course. That was really good and helped with Pete loads. It was good to see that there are others with the same issues and we all got on and could have a laugh. I could call you and ask for advice whenever Sam kicked off and I don’t know what to do and you’d talk me through the whole thing till it calmed down. I got home visits with you and we did the violence stuff and the boys enjoyed meeting you and you helped get other services to help.

What has changed for you and or your family as a result of the help or support you have received from Learning Links, and how do you feel about the changes?

Before school called you (Learning Links/Families) I was on my own, friends helped but they didn’t know what to do either. You gave me help and support when I needed it and helped guide things be different.  You listened to me ramble on all the time and never said that you were too busy or needed to do stuff, you just let me talk cause I needed it.

What do you think your (and your family, where appropriate) circumstances would be now, if you hadn’t received help or support from Learning Links?

Things were definitely getting worse before you started visiting us. I was really struggling with how hard things were and how much I had to deal with. I would never have given up on them cause they’re my kids and you don’t turn your back on family but I really didn’t want to be near them anymore, they were horrible. I’ve still got a long way to go with Sam just cause even though you said it would get worse I didn’t think it would get this worse so I’m not doing the NVR stuff with him cause of how bad he is. Pete is doing so much better now though.

What would you like to tell us about your experiences with Learning Links so far, or what you have gained from them, that you have not yet had the opportunity to say?

It was nice having someone who would listen to me when I needed it either at home or on the phone. The group was really positive, the support was good and the different type of learning was helpful.

Thank you for this wonderful feedback, we really appreciate it and as a local charity determined to improve the lives of those in the local community we are absolutely thrilled to be able to receive such a positive review. If you would like to see if the Learning Links/Families course could work for you please click here. Or, if you have used any of Learning Links services in the past please contact us via our official Facebook page and we would love to share your story, either with your name or as anonymous.