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Learning Links Has Entered A Funding Competition

Learning Links/Families have been entered into a funding competition by the Aviva Community Fund and we need your votes! Our Non-Violent Response course has helped many families in the Portsmouth area connect with each other using a more positive outlook on situations. Keep reading to find out more about our course, and click here to vote for us:

We want to deliver our innovative, early intervention Non-Violent Response (NVR) course to struggling and disadvantaged families living in some of the most economically challenged and workless areas of deprivation in Portsmouth. Our course addresses child-to-parent violence; thus improving family relationships, parent-to-child attachment, behaviours, and raising parental presence.

Child to parent violence is a massively increasing hidden problem. It affects the whole family including the parents, the child and the siblings. Levels of stress and depression increase, sometimes leading to substance misuse and drinking. For the child who is perpetrating, this cannot be classed as domestic abuse until they are 16 and therefore support is limited. Parents are asked to call the police and eventually this leads to social care intervention and the young person entering the criminal justice system, having devastating effects on all the family, leading to extremely poor outcomes. The ripple effect damages school attendance, parent’s employment prospects due to daily crisis management, low confidence and self-esteem and therefore the economics and social and emotional stability of the family as a whole, leading often to parental separation. The young people that are perpetrating often end up in one of the five schools in the city for permanently excluded pupils and often the child and the family are then branded.

NVR is designed to help parents and carers to:

● De-escalate, reduce anger and aggression in the interaction with the child.
● Stop giving in to demanding and controlling behaviour.
● Build a support network between home, school and community.
● Raise their personal presence, determination and persistence by carefully planning and carrying out forms of action with the help of other adults.
● Take action aimed at promoting negotiation, reconciliation and restoration of fractured relationships.

Our pilot resulted in 158 children and 96 parents (86%) living in homes with less conflict; client families reported significant improvements in family functioning and in outcomes for children including their participation in education, mental health, and a reduction in antisocial behaviour.

We want to renew the delivery of our NVR course to fund 2 key workers and a 12 week programme for 10 families per programme 3 times over the year, as well as ongoing support for up to 12 months from the key worker and volunteer team. Funding of £20,000 for 1 year will reach 30 families and up to 150 beneficiaries in total.

“I thought to myself, another stupid course, well after 12 weeks me and my family have never been happier”

“Myself and my wife were battered, bruised and exhausted and had nothing left. My child has Autism and that won’t change but how we cope and deal with it after this course has had a massive positive impact. After this course we no longer feel alone”.

“Without a doubt, without this course I would have had no choice but to put my child in care and me and husband would be separated”

“I dread to think what would have happened had we not worked with Families Moving Forward. I think that Shamus would have seriously hurt someone. I would have lost my temper and spiralled into a phase of self-destruction. My mental health would have seriously suffered and my relationship with my husband would have suffered and more than likely would have ended.”