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Informative Volunteer Update for Healthwatch Portsmouth

Healthwatch Portsmouth recently hosted an information update for their volunteers. It was a chance for the volunteers to meet each other and connect, as well as finding out what is in store for the future and what has been happening in recent months with Healthwatch.

For those who are unaware, Healthwatch is an independent champion for health and social care in England, and we have individuals working all over the Country making sure the views and opinions of local people are expressed. We have an amazing team here in Portsmouth and it’s our pleasure to help in the best way we can. It is also our role to signpost you to local health and social care related professionals and with our advocacy service we can also support you in making complaints, and supporting you in taking the next step forward.

With our volunteer information update on 20/12/16 we discussed the success of Healthwatch within the last several months as well as looking ahead for the future. Everyone in attendance seemed to really enjoy the update and benefit from what was said, so we would like to thank everyone for coming along and dedicating your spare time to making Healthwatch Portsmouth as best as it can be. We really could not do this without you.

We were also happy with the wonderful buffet that was provided after the update which consisted of delicious sandwiches, chicken, cherry tomatoes, cheese sticks etc which was spread out on over six trays. It was beyond our expectations but it was the least we could provide after the work our volunteers have put in for us throughout 2016. Again we thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you all again in the new year.