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I wouldn’t be spending as much time playing with the children

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Simon and Shelley’s son Kieran was displaying challenging behaviour, mainly at home. He was aggressive and despite trying to improve it, he resisted any change. Kieran suffers with epilepsy and they struggled to find the right tools to deal with his behaviour.

Simon says, “We started the non-violent resistance (NVR) workshops straight away and at first didn’t think much of it, but soon started to see difference it made when put in practice.

Our key worker, Lenka, spent some visits having one-on-one time with the children and we could then talk about how our children feel in different situations and this helped us to better understand Kieran’s and the girls’ needs.

We can now take Kieran out to restaurants without feeling embarrassed and we can go to the park and play together. We use different NVR techniques at home and as a result our home is calmer and we shout much less. We are talking more to each other and Kieran and his sister can actually play together nicely for periods of time.

“Thanks to Learning Links’ support, other things have happened too.  We’ve had help getting Kieran’s room in order so now it’s safe and fits his needs better.  Our key worker helped us to apply for the kids’ school places, for nursery funding and for Disability Living Allowance one of our children.  She also set up regular meetings at school. School has got better understanding of Kieran’s needs. In the meetings at school we feel we are listened to more with a professional on our side. Lenka is also supporting me with my Personal Independence Payment assessments because I had a stroke.”

Without Learning Links, I would probably be living back at my mum’s.  I would definitely not be comfortable to attend the school meetings and I wouldn’t be spending as much play time with all three children. The help with our parenting and the workshops in general were the biggest help and the support with school has made all the difference to our family.

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