> > ‘I found work and a place to live in less than 6 weeks’

‘I found work and a place to live in less than 6 weeks’

‘Getting you from where you are to where you want to be’ is a term frequently used at Learning Links, and that is what we aim to achieve with all our customers.

One of our customers (that will stay anonymous) has given us permission to share his beautiful success story:

‘My first visit to Portsmouth was unexpected due to homelessness. I used a few of the homeless services however, I found them rather unhelpful. One of the guys I met introduced me to Learning Links. Here I found far more support & more importantly encouragement. Thanks to the fantastic members of staff (all of them!) I found work and a place to live in less than 6 weeks! I feel confident and proud of what I achieved in this time but I couldn’t have done it without these guys and for that I’m truly grateful! I still pop in most days & I’m always greeted with a friendly smile. Would recommend Learning Links to everyone in the area requiring support of any nature. Thanks guys! x’

Learning Links has a HUB based in Kingston road, Portsmouth where we can help people in areas such as job searching, form filling, and we have free internet access. We can offer one to one support and help people positively move forward in their lives. Please pop by and visit us Monday-Friday and we will be happy to help you.

If you have used Learning Links in the past and would like to share your feedback please message our Facebook page and we will send you an online version of our consent form which will give you the power with what is shared/not shared.

Hope you all have a bright day ahead, and while you are here check out our previous blog post about seven FREE ways you can brighten someone’s day.