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I couldn’t face taking my three boys out alone

“I just want to say how much non-violent resistance (NVR) really does work! Over a year I would get hit daily by my six year old son. He would have outburst after outburst without explanation. I'm not afraid to admit [...]

I wouldn’t be spending as much time playing with the children

Simon and Shelley’s son Kieran was displaying challenging behaviour, mainly at home. He was aggressive and despite trying to improve it, he resisted any change. Kieran suffers with epilepsy and they struggled to find the right tools to deal with [...]

Our house is no longer a war zone

“My family was falling apart. I had asked for help several times and had tried the Triple P course as recommended. This hadn’t worked and if anything, made things worse, so I was still unsure of what to do. My [...]

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