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7 Free Ways You Can Brighten Up Someone’s Day

We here at Learning Links are passionate about helping those within the local community get from where they are to where they want to be so we have come up with seven free ways you can brighten up someone’s day without hardly any effort. It is something we can all do, let’s spread some love and positivity and get straight into it.

  1. A smile can brighten someone’s day instantly and chances are that person will smile back at you, it’s just a simple act of kindness, and although you may not see that person again just knowing you shared that moment of happiness at that time is beautiful and something we can all do!
  2. Say ‘good morning’ to a stranger. If you feel confident enough and feel you are able to maybe incorporate point number one AND two, smile and wish someone a ‘good morning’ or afternoon/evening (depending on the time) or a simple ‘hello’!
  3. Offer your help. In some situations we are unable to help without coming across a little off, for example, it would not be the best idea to walk up to a random person and say ‘Hey, can I help carry your shopping home for you?’ but maybe if they drop something on the floor you can pick it up for them, or if they are unable to reach something on the top shelf of a supermarket, you can help them! How many times have you seen people walk past those that are struggling? We can all help and it does not take long.
  4. Call/text someone you have not seen in a while wishing them well and perhaps offer to see them ‘Hello Sandra (example) it is just Bryan texting to see how you are? It’s been a while and I miss you. Meet for a coffee soon?’ Just to know someone is thinking about them can mean so much to people.
  5. Give a loved one a hug. The older you get it seems the busier life seems to get, no time for breakfast, need to rush to work, aaaaah I’m going to miss the bus. Can you relate? Okay, realistically sometimes we may be really busy that we are unable to stand there and have a full blown conversation for 30 minutes, but a hug can do wonders to show other’s how much you care about them.
  6. Doing something a friend/family member wants to do. Sitting there listening to their favourite artist, watching their favourite film, showing a genuine interest, wanting to be there. That sense of warmth is completely free (apart from the music and film of course hehe!) but knowing someone is interested in your interests provides time for bonding and will brighten up someone’s day.
  7. Listen. Sometimes people do not need advice, they simply need to sit there with a cuppa and talk to someone. Human contact. Being in the presence of another human being that is able to listen and understand what is being said is one of the greatest things you can do for someone.

Thank you all for reading and we hope this list of 7 free ways you can brighten up someone’s day has brightened up your day. If you can share and check out the Learning Links Facebook page for more positive stories of the local community. Empowerment. Respect. Integrity. Knowledge.